About Bespoke


BESPOKE  \bi-ˈspōk, bē-\ a : custom-made <a bespoke suit> b : dealing in or producing custom-made articles

When the Bespoke line of wheels was established designers, one of the easiest aspects for us to decide upon was our name. Our goal was to have a simple effective name that would communicate the essence of this new series of wheels.

Our goal was to offer a simple and elegant line of wheels that would cater to a wide audience in both designs, vehicle applications, and construction. The one aspect that would not be compromised was our philosophy. This simply states is the fact that premium wheels, just like premium clothing must be made to order, and not simply be stocked along in bulk in some warehouse of wheels.

We are very proud to offer this elegant collection of varying designs and applications to the automotive market, and hope that you will join the growing number of automotive enthusiasts that can appreciate a proper custom made product.

“Forged Collection”

In their quest to have Bespoke remain at the forefront of 21st century wheel design, our veteran team of designers and engineers revisit and reanalyze even the most mundane aspects of modular wheel construction. Literally every nut, bolt, and machining tool was studied for possible improvement and new ideas are continuously evaluated.

In the production of the Bespoke forged line, the latest technologies and most effective assembly methods were applied at every step of the manufacturing process to come up with a whole that is truly far more than the some of its parts.

“Alloy Collection”

The Bespoke modular alloy collection of road wheels embodies the collective efforts of the world’s leading wheel designers and engineers. The result is a product of enduring quality, unequaled performance, and timeless style. Ahead of its time today, a treasured classic tomorrow. These truly custom built products are made to fit exactly the vehicle they are intended for, at a much more attainable price point. Significant savings were achieved by having center sections made from cast aluminum rather than forged sections. Even though, all Bespoke Modular wheels are assembled utilizing the highest quality available in spun aluminum rim sections, and featuring aircraft quality fasteners treaed with anti corrosive finishes to ensure longlasting, troublefree performance.